Saturday 18 November 2023

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 6th of November

The 5 of us that are still here went on an adventure. We travelled inside a big red monster called a car, then we saw somebody who was wet (we think that's what dad said) and we had vaksinatons  sharp needles stuck into us, it was meant to keep us healthy.

11th of November

Outside for a while but we didn't stay still so dad didn't get many photos.

Here's red practising how to chew things, something which ALL Malinois pups need to know!

And here red is demonstrating how to look like you have working dog ears.
Really, you want me to look up? Why? (Brown)
Orange demonstrates that he can cross his paws just like mummy Bambi often does.
I can also pose nicely!
This is purple's coat, can you see that it looks different?
Personally I think MY coat is right and all others are wrong! says purple
Bad lighting but look closely at the coat.
See, I look totally normal here!
Oh good, a game of tug!

Green with Noodle, very poor quality photo. I do have a tail but it is wagging SO fast!
I like to call this "the assistance dog and his apprentice". One day I hope to be a big big dog like uncle Fen and do the same things he does. I think being an assistance dog means to steal dad's tea and coffee, always carry a ball around and do tricks. That's what uncle Fen does. (Green)

12th of November

Today red left for her new home. Her name is GOLDMALI UNCHAINED MELODY, or IRIS for short.

There's just four of us left now but that's okay, we still have fun and mummy Bambi spends more time playing with us. First she taught us how to play tug all of us at once. (She says her ugly coat is because she had us so she has to get a new one before something called Crufts.)

Then we played on our own.

15th of November

The last day there were several of us together. The next day brown, purple and orange all travelled a loooooong, long way with daddy in the red car and then we met our new people. 

Brown has lost his collar and it got chewed so he's naked!
Why can't I get up here?
Playing with auntie Lottie. We all pull her ears, human mum tells us not to and moves Lottie so we can't reach her, but Lottie comes back and puts her head down so we can reach those ears. It must be great to have inbuilt tuggies instead of sticky uppy ears!
Here is green demonstrating the Poodle ear tug.

Also brown
Purple and green chewing tuggies and toys and towels
Then orange decided to use green as a chair!
Best seat in the house!


Orange is called GOLDMALI UNFORGETTABLE, or SUGGS for short.

Brown is called GOLDMALI UPTOWN FUNK or RIOLU for short.

Purple is called GOLDMALI UNBELIEVABLE or HAVANA for short.

And that just leaves me, green. I can also cross my paws. My name is GOLDMALI UNDER GREY SKIES and they call me FOREST. Maybe I will see you around as I'm going to stay living here forever. BYE!

Thursday 9 November 2023

8 weeks and bye to some!

 Human mum got ill and couldn't update the blog. She kept going to something called a hop-spital and they wanted to KEEP her there but she escaped -twice!! We understand because we don't like staying in the puppy pen!

5th of November 2023, we are 8 weeks old today

Human dad gave us clean pee paper in the puppy pen (that was a lot of Ps!) so we did what puppies do and had a ripping good time with it. Now let us out!!
Come on!! We want to come out NOW!

At last we were allowed out, and some of us had photos taken. Here's yellow.

Yellow was the first to leave for his new home. His name is Phoenix, or GOLDMALI UNSUNG HERO.
Then it was pink's turn. Her name is Lexi, or GOLDMALI UNBREAK MY HEART.

And blue, never bothered by anything but always into any new adventure, he is called Storm or GOLDMALI UP AND UP.

Storm has gone to live with his half sister Sky. Lexi lives with Malinois, Dutch Shepherds and a Boston Terrier. Phoenix lives with a Hungarian Vizsla and a couple of Lurchers and already has lots of friends.

Here's red and pink before anyone left. We still can't get up on the furniture! Must grow faster!

Human dad is giving a talk to green, orange and red. He's been fluent in Malinois puppy language for HUNDREDS of years now.
Never mind the shoe, says purple, let's bite human mum's foot. (When she was at the hopsital a doctor asked what all the bruises and marks on her legs were. She didn't tell on us and just said "DOGS!")

Green looks like he is meditating. He is now called Forest, or GOLDMALI UNDER GREY SKIES. And he's staying here!


Forest also wants to get up on the couch.
Forest, orange and red.

Where did dad go?

Time for a rest.

Last page -goodbye from us

  6th of November The 5 of us that are still here went on an adventure. We travelled inside a big red monster called a car, then we saw some...